30-day online marathon


30-day online marathon

  • A new kind of training for those who are engaged in the development of their acting skills
  • Every day at 9:00 am you will receive a task that will take 15 minutes to complete.
  • Tasks may be performed alone, you will only need a phone in the process
  • In 30 days you will understand something about your acting nature. Learn what they do at acting courses. You'll be better versed in the theater business.

How it works
What will you need to do during the marathon?
Every day at 9 am you will receive tasks to which you will have to write answers in the form of text, sometimes in the form of a photo or video. Most often, these will be observations of yourselves and the people around you.
Who will read what I write?
A marathon is a programmed bot. Messages come to you automatically, as well as answers to your tasks. So no one reads you in the free version. But if you buy support, our teacher connects to you and gives his/her comments to your work. We understand that your answers may be personal, so we will not publish your answers anywhere under your name, but we reserve the right to publish the best answers anonymously.
Where does the marathon take place?
This is an online marathon, it can be held in Facebook or Telegram
How long will it take me to complete the tasks?
On the average, it takes 15 minutes every day to complete tasks. Once you send a reply, you immediately receive additional useful information on a specific topic.
How many people can run the marathon at the same time?
The marathon can be held simultaneously by all people of the earth, since all messages are sent by us automatically.
What is needed to participate in the marathon?
Only your desire and a profile in Facebook or Telegram
What will participation in the marathon give me?
In 30 days you will understand something about your acting nature. Learn what they do at acting courses. You'll be better versed in the theater business.
What if I've never done acting?
Then our marathon is a great opportunity to get acquainted with theater. For 30 days you will get a huge number of useful links, stories and key names. Everything for you to be able to better navigate in the acting profession.
What tasks will I receive?
Example of a marathon task:

Task: In any space and situation of your choice, find an object to observe. Observe it for 10 minutes, noticing all the details. Try to fix what happened to your attention -- did you manage not to be distracted? Have you been affected emotionally by any observable details? The attendee's response: Keeping attention on a small and mundane object is quite difficult. A couple of minutes is enough to see it completely. To avoid your look fading away you have to interest yourself with questions, to come up with a story for the object. Then some details start to play in a new way. And imagination provides newer and newer ideas. It is harder if the object is in the distance, when you can't see its details. It's the details that drive the imagination.
30 days
30 tasks
15 minutes a day
The marathon author

Russian Director and choreographer. Graduated from St. Petersburg Theater Academy (SPBGATI) with the Director's diploma. Fulbright scholar 2017-18 (USA).

Tanya is the artistic Director of the Leludi theater school and co-founder of the Skorokhod Venue.

Tanya has put more than 30 performances in Russia, Italy, France, on Malta, in Finland and the US. Her performances represented the culture of St. Petersburg during the days of cultural exchange in London.

More about Tanya: https://tanyaweinstein.com
Perform tasks by yourself, alone and, once again, be sure to record your feelings and thoughts after the fact. I recommend that you write your thoughts directly in the dialog, because we will have to come back to them more than once during the marathon. The degree of your involvement is to be evaluated by yourself, and if you want a look from the outside, we are always ready. But our marathon works like this.
Tanya Weinstein
the creator of the marathon
Method. 5 parts
All parts are based on the research of the classics of theatrical science -- Stanislavsky, Chekhov, Grotowski, Lecoq, Brecht and Demidov.
Introductory part
Introduction to the structure of the course, its capabilities and pitfalls. Recommendations for passage.
I. Notice
In the "Work of the actor on himself" K. S. Stanislavsky writes about the importance of the development of personal, human qualities of the actor. It's not about morality. We are talking about the basic intellectual processes, on the intensity of which depends the saturation of the actor's work. Stanislavsky calls attention the most important process.
II. Remember
The second important process, according to Stanislavsky, is memory. It is important not only to notice the unexpected and familiar, it is important to remember it, store it in the "pantry" and if necessary extract it in the process of acting.
III. Thinking through
The third process is imagination. In the Stanislavsky system, the basic principle from which the theater itself begins is called the Magic If. That is, all the processes associated with observation and memorization are important, but creativity begins at the moment when imagination is turned on.
IV. Structure
The principal point in the process of creating a show, a performance, a play is the ability to see the structure, to present your experience, your understanding of the world in a form understandable to the viewer/reader/listener.
V. Share
What is theater? At what point does it begin? Theater is possible on the street, in hospital or in a communal apartment room, it is possible without actors (shadow or puppet), without light, costume, scenery. Theater is possible without a play – a lot of performances are staged on the basis of improvisation or documentary interviews. The only thing, without which there can be no theater is the audience. The only part in which we recommend to share completed tasks.
The marathon will not replace real studio training, but will help those who work on the development of their acting, directing, drama skills and their personalities in general.
ABOUT leludi
Leludi is a school of acting. You can study for your amusement or go through the whole cycle from beginner to professional. Since 2009, more than 10,000 students have passed through us, some of them are now working in the Moscow Art theater, Variety theater, RVS film studio, Faceless show. We are proud that many people radically change their lives and become light people.
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